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Hiring Freelance Workers For Your Business

Freelance Workers Rock...Especially Women!

Who Are Freelance Workers?

Freelance workers may be in-between jobs, permanent full-time freelancers, stay-at-home parents looking for flexible work options or any combination of the three. They usually will work from their own home or office space, but in certain cases can also be onsite. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2005 there were 10.3 million independent contractors in the U.S., representing about 7.5 percent of the total labor force.

Just as with the applicants, there is any number of reasons employers need extra help. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2008 there were approximately 11.6 million firms with 1-99 employees.  Of those firms, 7.7 million were owned and operated by “mom” entrepreneurs. Women-owned businesses will account for one-third of the new jobs created by 2018.  (Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute) Additionally, there over 22,000,000 million "no employee" businesses in the U.S. (  Self-employed attorneys, sales reps, insurance brokers, marketing consultants, etc. staff their day-to-day businesses through outsourcing.

Some of the business benefits to hiring freelancers from include:

Supplementing a team when as needed in a simple, quick manner.  
•Wide range of experienced talent to staff from.   
•Only pay for work completed - no vacation pay, overtime or sick time.  
•Flexible seasonal, short term, temporary, or project based commitment.   
•Controlled overhead on projects and general personnel.   
•Reduce Employer expenses - no health insurance, worker's comp, or other perks  
     associated with pleasing permanent employees.  
•On site work helps stimulate the local economy creating strong networking opportunities as well.  
•Project focus, with options to hire on site, or global.  
•Commitment to do their best - referrals are everything for our job seekers.   
•Desire to work...No work = No income . 
•Skills are always being fine-tuned with each new project.t  
•Up-to-date professional and social profiles.  
•Outside of the box thinking.  
•Tax and other benefits associated hiring a freelancer, & more!



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