Volunteering: More than just helping someone

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Ellen Zimmel was one of about 2,000 volunteers June 4 to help residents recover from the devastating tornado that recently swept through neighborhoods in north Minneapolis. Half of the volunteers began work on a four-hour shift in the morning, with the other half arriving for an afternoon shift to help with light debris clean-up.


Volunteering benefits both those who help and those who receive the help. Volunteers feel part of something greater while at the same time developing new skills.

Volunteering can be such a positive and valued experience for both the people helping, and the people who need the help.  Not to mention, the rewards are most often instantaneous and never ones that one would expect.

Here’s a list of 4 “positives” that many volunteers gained while serving others:

1. Be a part of something greater. Often new volunteers find that the “product” – serving homeless people, helping microentrepreneurs, tutoring young mothers on their GEDs, is so meaningful that it’s hard to return to the corporate world. They feel a part of something greater, because it is so definitively clear how they are helping. We all want to feel we are caring for and helping others, and are part of a movement larger than ourselves.

2. Keep your skills current. Use your current skills and “exercise” them just as you would any muscle. Are you an attorney, administrative assistant, construction worker, public relations expert, manager? Put those needed skills to use, and expand them as you continue your work. Since you are not under the guise of a strict corporate manager, you will have more freedom to expand them in creative ways.

3. Attain new skills and a second career. Once you have invested some time at the organization, ask to work in different areas or work on different business units. Express your desire to grow and adopt news skills. Try different areas in order to understand how the entire organization works. Learn for yourself, and learn to become valuable to the organization. You may find a new career!

4. Work on a hobby. Do you love writing on the side? Perhaps you offer to write or contribute to their newsletter. Are you a hidden tech geek? Revamp their website. Is blogging your passion? Help them set up a blog and create a stronger brand presence. Explode a latent desire of your own to help others!

In addition to serving others, you’d be surprised by what you discover about yourself. This might be the experience that reveals your hidden talent or passion that gives you the courage to pursue. It truly is a win-win for all.

Volunteer for Guaranteed Entry into the 2012 ING NYC Marathon


May 26, 2011

NYRR 9+1 Program for Guaranteed Entry to the ING New York City Marathon

Members of New York Road Runners since January of a calendar year who completed at least nine NYRR-scored, qualifying races and volunteered for one event that year are eligible for guaranteed entry to the next year’s ING New York City Marathon. The volunteer component of this “9+1 Program” supports NYRR’s community-service mission and our goal of encouraging volunteerism among our members. Adding to our corps of race volunteers also helps NYRR ensure a safe and cooperative race environment at our events throughout the year.

Please note the following important points about the 9+1 Program:

For eligibility for guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon 2012, an applicant must:

- be a member of NYRR as of January 31, 2011, throughout the year 2011, and at the time of application to the marathon;

- complete nine (9) NYRR-scored, qualifying races during 2011;

- volunteer for one (1) NYRR event posted on the volunteer website (weekly races, registration/pickup, kiosk, etc.) during 2011. Click on link to register to become a volunteer:

Go to http://volunteers.nyrr.org to sign up:


[Volunteer Registration]