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Who are the most powerful women in the entertainment industry?  Four straight years in a row the #1 spot has been given to Anne Sweeney, former Co-Chairman of Disney.  She has since decided to hang up the towel and try her hand as a TV Director.  She is a wife and mom and somehow manages to do it all.  Anne began her career at Nickelodeon/Fox before joining Disney 18 years ago.  She has worked very hard to get where she is today.  Along the way she has won a variety of awards including The Muse Award from New York Women in Film & Television in 2004. Her kids are all grown up and out the house, which affords her the ability to pursue other passions.  Glancing through the list we see Oprah ranked at #8 and some other notable women including Sandra Bullock (some people say she is my twin although I beg to differ), Amy Pascal, and Abbe Raven.  Most of these women have worked tireless long hours and have climbed the corporate ladder of success.  If we look all the way to the bottom of the list at #100 we see a woman named Jill Leiderman.  She is the Executive Producer of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.  She directs a crew of 200 and still has lots of energy.  Most nights she is home by 8:30pm spending time with her husband enjoying time in front of her DVR.  She knew at an early age she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and work in television.  She started in production with the Jon Stewart show where she demonstrated a knack for finding off-the-wall human-interest stories.  She then moved on to work for Letterman, scouting locations, booking guests and casting real people for bits.  No matter where you are on the list it proves hard work pays off.


In one of my favorite magazines, The Hollywood Reporter, I found a great article listing all 100 most powerful women in Entertainment.  Enjoy the read.





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9 Women Share Their Words Of Wisdom On Secrets To Success


May 6, 2011

In celebration of National Lemonade Day held on May 1st, students across 31 cities in the United States opened 120,000 lemonade stands. In an effort of inspiring entrepreneurship in younger generations, Lemonade Day demonstrates to children that with thoughtful plans, execution and determination, you can accomplish your dreams.


Lemonade Day was launched in 2007 through Michael Holthouse’s non-profit, Prepared 4 Life, an organization which helps youth become socially conscious adults, who in turn, will give back to their communities and younger generations. Today Lemonade Day inspires hundreds of thousands, and by 2013, expect to see 1 million lemonade stands across 100 US cities.

Personally, I think anyone who has a dream can apply the words of wisdom that these women attribute to their success.


Contributed by Vicki Salemi,

National Lemonade Day: 9 Tips for College Grads by Vicki Salemi (SLIDESHOW)