THINK CHANGE is changing the way experienced professionals find jobs.    Our company has hit on a great evergreen niche within the growing trend of one job hiring.  Marketed primarily towards the “returning-to-work” woman, is a centralized website redefining the way these job-seekers (and all flexible professionals) and prospective employers find each other. Here they can directly interact for short term, part-time, seasonal and project based work.  Here they can find jobs that fit their talents and their schedules, without a long term commitment.

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Rethinking Hiring: New Internet Company Connects Businesses To High Energy, Capable Hires

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Rethinking Hiring:     New Internet Company Connects Businesses With High Energy Capable Hires Through E-service Job Board, by Lisa Stone

Finally, a new exciting  job board launches nationwide., provides an environment for talented individuals and businesses to connect on short notice for on-site tasks.  Businesses will find just that right candidate to complete  projects, temporary jobs and freelance work, all while saving the business money and getting the job finished on schedule. For members, it’s free to join, and there are no fees paid to work.


Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey March 11, 2011 encourages companies, both large and small, to re-think the way they hire in a suppressed economy.   Whether it be legal, retail, wholesale,  sales, tutoring, writing, graphics, accounting, styling, and even grooming, or any other business environment, companies will utilize the registered members of to get the job done for them.  Its members are  smart, educated, multi-taskers who are capable of handling tasks on a project basis but need the flexibility to work on their schedule.

Compare this with the high costs and time spent by companies going back and forth with recruiting services to find the perfect hire.  Enter  Companies can now save their valuable time and money by posting a job need on an E-service job board and being instantly connected to a database of  highly competent members, making it possible to find that one candidate that fits with the job profile.

Consider the company who needs to complete a project in another state.  Why should a company have to absorb the cost of flying its employees to the location to complete the task and take the employees away from their other responsibilities, when it can utilize and its database of on-site qualified professionals?  Instead, the company can “cherry pick” who they would like to work on a project basis, with no long-term commitment attached with the temporary hiring.

Canuworktomorrow is geared toward moms, college students, and any professional with a  flexible schedule who wants to work on projects that are stimulating, interesting and back in the business environment, while making some extra money.  Members simply register, create a profile, search posted tasks, work  and get paid, while building relationships and business contacts.   Members have the ability to decide when, where and how much work they want to take on.

Says Cindy Touma, co-founder of,  “Members who set up a profile with want to work in their local workforces .  For our businesses, It is all about getting the project finished without the usual hassle of finding the right hire.   Hire today, for the day.”   Cindy’s partner Karen Frankel, and co-founder, believes” it’s time to change the way businesses hire.  There is an entire population of moms for example who need to earn some extra cash, but don’t have the availability to work on a regular basis. “  Our members are not just educated, but many are licensed professionals.

This is a company to watch.

Lisa Stone