“There Is No Security In Life, Only Opportunity.” – Mark Twain

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I love this quote and that’s why I chose it!!! One of the many opportunities we are given in life is experiencing parenthood. Although very rewarding and probably the most exciting time in one’s life, it is also very consuming. The thoughts of picking up where your career once left off eons ago, and start a new endeavor is not only scary but almost like getting thrown to the wolves.


In consulting with married friends who fill these shoes (some are freelancers, some just work part-time) as well as reading various articles and blogs on the web, one of the most challenging obstacles is time management. How can we possibly go back to having a full-time career, and at the same time manage a household, kids, and keep our hubby happy? Some moms i talked to think that prioritizing your tasks (laundry list) is the way to start the day. Depending on which task you start, if you can’t finish it you need to move on to the next. Now, some mom’s have live-in help (second, third, even a fourth set of hands)…this article need not apply!!! For those who are hands on, take charge kind of moms–keep reading. A really great article I found is from Money Saving Mom® which talks about  7 Time Management Tips For The Working Woman. My favorite on the list is number three!!! Multi-Tasking is a must..how do you expect to get anything done if you can’t do two things at the same time??? I even try to do three things at once to save time..


All in all just remember to take time each day to do something for yourself…after all aren’t you deserving of it?


I’ve included a picture of Olivia Langdon Clemens. You see her husband was Mark Twain. Can you imagine what a busy life she had?? It was Olivia who worked on details of managing the house; she was the primary caregiver (she had some servants–why do we say “live-in help” and not use the term “servants”??) of the couple’s three daughters; and she was indisputably held in high esteem by everyone she met. Both Clemens and the children described her as being the firm, yet gentle, moral center of the household.




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