4 Ways To Manage Unexpected Changes In Your Career

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Is your career changing? If you are like the majority of people in the workforce today, the answer is probably yes. Companies thrive on change, and most change very quickly.

But how are you handling your change? Are you going with it, or hoping that you can ride it out? Or, are you wishing that your change would go away?

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Does your job get you excited?

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Excerpts from Glassdoor.com Nov 2001

10 Ways to Deal With a Job You Don’t Love

Whether it’s seasonal, part-time, contractual, freelance or permanent, there are lots of people writing about how to do resumes or manage a job search, but not too many who are willing to admit there’s an elephant in the living room. The elephant is your job – the one you’re in and want out of, or the job you’re considering taking to get away from the one you have. Chances are it’s not the job you want, or the one you trained for or think you deserve. It pays the bills, but it doesn’t get you excited. It doesn’t use all your skills. The workplace culture or environment leaves something to be desired.

Welcome to a new job reality: diminished expectations.

We all want a great job but until the economy turns around, a good-enough job might have to do. But no one can afford to treat a job as though it’s just ‘good enough.’ To survive – both in the job and in your head – you’ll have to bring your A game every day. Even if it is a B- job.

Here are 10 tips for managing in a time of diminished expectations:

  1. Use positive affirmations to get yourself through the day. This sounds hippy-dippy but it works. Think positively. Tell yourself a positive story about your job, and it will be survivable.
  2. Teach yourself one new skill a month. If you’re not challenged intellectually you probably have spare cycles. Study statistical analysis – it will come in handy when making charts, and it also requires analytical thinking. Teach yourself Excel or Powerpoint – the real skills, not just 101. Set up a website.
  3. Start blogging. Writing things down makes them easier to process and brings insight. You can rant, but it’s more productive to write about a positive aspect of your job, or the day.
  4. Polish your resume. Do this once a month. Frequent updates to online profiles make you more attractive as a candidate.
  5. Help a co-worker. Perhaps one of your colleagues could use help with a task. Maybe it’s something you’re interested or skilled in. Either way you get karma points.
  6. Think about what you really want to do when you grow up. Examine your life, your decisions, your failures to decide, your current status. Be unflinching. This will prepare you for the next tip.
  7. Write a job description for your dream job. Then read your resume and look for the disconnects. Now you have new tasks and a new goal.
  8. Network with people who have the job you want. If you’ve done the two bullets above you’ll be better positioned to make this pay off.
  9. Seek out a career coach to help you examine – and possibly reset – your expectations. Maybe you’re way off. Maybe you weren’t an A student but thought you could bluff through to a big job. Not in this economy, and maybe never again. Be prepared to revise your life plan, at least the short-term version.
  10. Do something for someone else. There’s huge satisfaction in helping others. Volunteer and you will become thankful.
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Got some of your own techniques for coping with unrealized expectations? Let us know.

Staffing Crisis Averted: Canuworktomorrow Saves a Company Today

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Bill, a staffing manager, has been sitting in front of his computer for hours. Along with multiple phone calls, his Internet research isn’t going that well. Someone in the IT department of his company has called out suddenly for two weeks because of illness. The IT department is in a quandary; they are right in the middle of a large project and they need someone who can step in, get up to speed and provide assistance to help complete the project on time.

Bill has been searching for hours for someone who would be willing to come in for a couple weeks and work in a freelance position for an hourly rate. He knows there are a number of professionals out there; he just can’t seem to find the right ones.

He tried posting the position on one of the other job boards, seeking to fill the job with a part-time employee, but had no luck. Most of the applicants weren’t qualified or didn’t have enough experience. He also looked at outsourcing through Odesk or Elance, but again felt that the freelancers there did not have the experience his company was looking for and the posting was costly. Then he came across Canuworktomorrow.

Not only did they provide Bill with an instant list of talented professionals, he did it all with by filling out a short form and a few clicks. Entering basic information about the position and his company gave him access to the professionals he was looking for. The best part? It was only $10 to post a listing. Sure, Craigslist might be free in some areas( mostly $25.00), but getting the right applicants to fill the job immediately was worth way more than $10. Bill met with several professionals the next day and by the following week, the IT department was moving forward with the project.

Outsourcing doesn’t need to be a pain. Whether you are looking for a seasonal employee, a part-time employee or a freelance professional, canuworktomorrow has the right list of ready and able professionals that can step in and get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a number of other features, such as special pricing for large job searches, or assistance for business to business outsourcing, they offer the right talent on a national basis to make the hiring process hassle free. After all, it’s not about spending hours looking for the right person. It’s about getting the job done. Leave the looking to canuworktomorrow and they’ll find you a professional who can literally work tomorrow.

Which Celebrities Support Occupy Wall Street


With a growing list of participating cities, the Occupy Wall Street protests continue to grow in size and media attention.

And celebrities are stepping out to join the movement.

Most of them are lending support.

Even George Clooney thinks it’s a good idea.

Welcomed by demonstrators, celebrities are joining in protest, delivering speeches, and performing.

Well Kanye West has joined the protesters ordaining “Occupy Wallstreet” as Hollywood’s new “It” cause, Danny Glover showed up in LA, and Mark Ruffalo (that gorgeous hunk) called the demonstrations “a beautiful celebration of democracy.”

Lending her usual support, Susan Sarandon hit the streets running and her former X Tim Robbins, declared “This is a good sign of a healthy democracy.”

We can’t ignore Russell Simmon’s speech that he made the protesters repeat back to him. Even Penn Badgley joined in on the fun (whoever that is).  And what would a movement be without Michael Moore and Roseanne Barr on hand?

But take note of this recent celebrity to join in the #Occupy WallStreet Protests:

In an official statement in support of the ever-growing movement, Ben & Jerry’s state:

“We, the Ben & Jerry’s Board of Directors, compelled by our personal convictions and our Company’s mission and values, wish to express our deepest admiration to all of you who have initiated the nonviolent Occupy Wall Street Movement and to those around the country who have joined in solidarity. The issues raised are of fundamental importance to all of us.”

The site then goes on to list a handful of the issues (inequality, unemployment, corporate lobbying, etc).

Dylan Ratigan, from MSNBC asks us-

Our question: What name would you give to the Ben & Jerry’s #OccupyWallStreet flavor?

New ice cream flavor: Fat Cat Fudge Ripple?