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Jon Cryer to Charlie Sheen ‘I Really Am a Troll’ PopEjon cryerater.c


Jon Cryer makes a molehill out of a mountain from charie sheens nasty comments…  I guess he knows something charlie doesn’t, that hes lost it….  very funny jon and kudos to you…

An Open Letter To Charlie Sheen


Dear Charlie,

Sitting at the kitchen table in my big pitted NJ suburb, asking my husband and teenage boys about their day… one met a girl who wouldn’t really give him the time of day, one wanted to finagle a party invitation, and my husband just wanted to get away for the weekend.  The answers I repeatedly get from them are “what would Charlie do?” we get it Charlie, we like you, we don’t judge you …the boys and men want to be you, they want to roll like you – you’re cute, lovable, and successful.  We stayed by your side through it all… the Heidi Fleiss episode, the spectacularly failed and headlined divorces, wild nights at The Plaza with hot pretty young and paid for girl etc., etc.  You still rock , but now it just borders ridiculous and absurd….

Really?  Okay we stood by you with all those other journeys,  yada, yada, yada… and truly, we don’t want to break your balls . But this time….  all I can say is you actually “said that out loud?”  These two sista’ wives of yours – have you seen yourselves on tape yet?  I get it you want to reinvent yourself, bring this bad into something good and profitable, but really we just can’t watch it anymore…Please we beg of you to stop the ranting.  You say you’re addicted to winning, sounds like you’re just addicted to whining…