Starting The New Year On A Postive Note With Michael Buble or Nina Simone

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What will this year bring?  Go listen to the song Feeling Good on your player…..welcome 2014 with a smile.

Whenever you read a newspaper or magazine are you drawn to the horoscope page?  Millions of people are born on the same day- is it really possible to read something unique about yourself?  The Barnum Effect is what psychologists describe as the temptation to read personal meanings into a general description.  Sixty years later writers still rely on this observable human trait.  Horoscopes say the same thing year after year, and people don’t even notice it.  They give meaning to otherwise random events in our lives.  If you can blame it on Mars or Saturn, one will feel less responsible for them.  An example would be able to keep a job or a partner.  Some people don’t like that events are random, so horoscopes offer people the comfort of predictability.  With that in mind, I have attached work horoscopes for the New Year.  Enjoy them and don’t look too much into them.  Most importantly….do not rely on them..


Que Sera Sera

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Having a successful career has become very important.  Everyone is concerned about having a high profile career and their growth.  It can be difficult to choose the right career path whether to work part-time or full-time.  A learned astrologer can draw a career horoscope on the basis of your birth data.  If you are wondering whether a new business opportunity is going to come your way this is a perfect tool to give you some insight.  I found an interesting daily work horoscope from Marie Claire magazine for all of you that enjoy reading them.



Make Work Fun

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I found a really great article written by Marjorie Orr from an astrological website that talks about making work as fun as play.  It is a breakdown of astrological signs having a different prospective on what can make work more appealing whether being a sense of adventure or just a sense of perception in their daily routine. Let me know what you think.  This is just a fun article to get you  back into the swing of things…Work…here we come!!!

Written by by Marjorie Orr ,


Does going to work sometimes feel like a prison sentence? There are things you can inject into your workday to make it far more appealing. Some Sun signs find that a sense of adventure in their work makes it that much more bearable, while others gain more satisfaction when there’s a sense of vision in their daily tasks.

Sagittarius and Pisces are the visionaries of the zodiac, since they share Jupiter as a co-ruler; Aquarius is also ruled by Jupiter, so it shares the sense that life must have a special purpose. These signs need more than a job — they need a vocation. They require fulfillment and have to believe that what they’re doing has a positive impact on the universe.

Aries and Leo definitely need some fun at work, while also hoping to look at their daily tasks as part of greater exploration along their journey through life. If there’s no thrill, they’ll start to get edgy and rock the boat — or perhaps not even show up! Their challenge is to make their job feel more like an adventure instead of just work.

Virgo and Capricorn tend to see work as an end in itself, and find themselves panicked at vacation time since there isn’t enough to do. They need consistent chores and projects. Rather than take real pride in what they do, they can admittedly get downbeat about work from time to time. When this happens, their best course of action is to simply remember that working hard is what they do best.

Taurus can get stuck in a rut since they tend to see their chores stretching ahead to infinity. Part of them likes sameness, but they can get weighed down by duties when they’d much prefer to be indulging in something fun. They need to take a few risks and explore the unknown in their job; if they can do this, they’ll realize that change can be as good as rest.

Cancer, Scorpio and Libra are people-lovers, so they crave the daily company of friends and colleagues; after all, their joy comes from the connections they make. Whether it’s gossip at the water cooler, sharing stories over lunch or collaborating on projects in the office, they’re sure to blossom as long as they’re not left in isolation.

Gemini is a chatty sign, so while work can be tediously boring to them, they’ll brighten up fast if there’s a chance for conversation. They do have short attention spans, however, so these folks need frequent diversions rather than projects that go on forever — otherwise, they’ll wilt and wander off.