Work It Girls! How Low Would You Go?


Women always want to know what is the perfect length for a skirt in the office? The rule of thumb is the higher the skirt the lower the heal should be.  (I’ve never seen a girl adhere to this).  Common sense is not common practice and everyday many intelligent, professional women show poor judgment when making decisions about what to wear.  For some women, long legs are leverage in garnering leadership positions.  Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are equally inappropriate when the skirt is to short or too tight. For any of you that need some wardrobe fine tuning, please enjoy the article below.  I found this to be a great article without skirting (NO PUN) the issue!  Summer is right around the corner and I say lock up those pants!!!  Oh, if you have any good fake tanning products you use we love to hear from you…You can use that on your legs, right?



Trending: Bling is Back, and Fabulous as Ever

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Oversized cocktail rings make a comeback this season. Big stones, playful shapes and glossy crystals bring your hands to life.

by, Julia Robson, The National

Karl Lagerfeld, the Teutonic designer who holds the power in his gloved hand to send fashion careering off in any direction on a whim.

It’s not only the excitement of the unexpected that Lagerfeld brings to the fashion world but the knowledge we are all in safe hands too. It’s all very well to have left-field trends such as grunge or the clothing equivalent of the goji berry offered to us, but once Lagerfeld has put a trend through his Chanel mincing machine, we just know it will come out looking chic.

Bling is back. Byzantine bling. The wearing of museum-type artifact jewellery starting with majestic dangling earrings is back in fashion. Start reading your history books.

In Dubai,A crystal-encrusted air purifier has gone on sale in the glittering setting of one of Dubai’s most prestigious department stores.

The Dh32,000 Al Muntaha (“ultimate”) purifier, hand-studded with 20,000 Swarovski crystals, is on display on the second floor of Galeries Lafayette, in Dubai Mall.



If you want to feel good this season, a buffet of bling awaits you.

1. Gold clawshaped with white cameo and purple stone, Dh1,085, Alcoze at S*uce.

2. Flower, Dh510, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Abu Dhabi Mall, 02 650 3338; Dubai Mall, 04 339 8781 and elsewhere.

3. Gold with crystals and peach stones, Dh1,185, Alcoze at S*uce.

4. Reptile, Dh850, Kenneth Jay Lane at Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates, 04 409 8888.

5. Skull, Dh1,100, Alexander McQueen, Dubai Mall, 04 339 8760.

6. Square with yellow stone, Dh825, Alexis Bittar at Bloomingdale’s, Dubai Mall, 04 350 5333.

7. Star, Dh680, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

8. Panther, Dh925, Kenneth Jay Lane at Harvey Nichols.

9. Big rectangular crystal, Dh325, Mzuu at Bloomingdale’s.

10. Pear, Dh680, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

11. Small grey crystals, price on request, CH Carolina Herrera, Abu Dhabi Mall, 02 650 3867; Dubai Mall, 04 339 8132 and elsewhere.

12. Sun shaped with big crystal, Dh50, River Island, River Island, Mall of the Emirates, 04 340 9115 and elsewhere.

To Wear or Not to Wear: Office Fashion Reviewed


If you are out of style, you could be out of touch with what’s trending in society. If you look like you are out of touch, you could be passed over for that promotion. At the same turn if you are wearing every cutting edge fashions fresh from the catwalk, you could stand out too much at the office making you look like you are trying too hard, or worse that you don’t need a promotion. There needs to be a balance for office wear. What’s OK to wear to work, and what doesn’t cut it?

We’ve provided a simple guide on things to include for the typical workweek, as well as a few pieces to keep for the weekend.

Top 5 Things Not to Wear to Work

We’ve turned to Marie Claire and Forbes as our guides in what is considered appropriate and what’s a no-no in the workplace. Follow some of these tips when figuring out your workweek wardrobe.

Don’t wear capes – Ever the dramatic piece, a cape allows you to swoop in while staying warm. Swooping isn’t for working, and presents an over-dramatic flair. Keep the capes at home.

Avoid plunging necklines – While seemingly obvious, many women forget that brains rule the day in the office…not exposed cleavage. Necklines should be demure and professional. It may seem like the way to get ahead, but often it can spell demise for your position. Be known for your accomplishments not your neckline.

Don’t wear leggings and tunics – Let’s face it, leggings and tunics are comfortable. They aren’t exactly sweats, they are form fitting, and with a blousy tunic it almost feels like a cozy blanket hugging your body. Keep away from leggings at work! You aren’t there to lounge around; you are there to get work done and look professional. Keep the lounge clothes for the evening.

Stay away from hats – Even if you are having a bad hair day, this isn’t a good option.  Hats don’t add to a fashion forward look, rather it can appear like you are trying too hard. Baseball caps, cute fedoras, they all gotta’ go.

Go light on the perfume – Not only can you offend your colleagues sense of smell with your perfume, some may be allergic. Keep the heady scents for nights on the town, and spritz a light (very light) body mist instead.

Bonus Tip: Keep the flip flops for the beach. Closed toe pumps, peep toe kitten heels, and professional looking flats should be your mainstays. Flip flops are never appropriate, even in the most casual of office wear code.

Top Workplace Fashion that Makes an Impression

Enough of what looks bad, how can you look your best? It may seem boring, but conservative clothing should always be your main theme. That’s not to say you can’t dress up your outfits with a bit of color and some bold accessories, but you will want to steer away from wild trends (Katy Perry should not be a role model here) if you are trying to get ahead at work.

Tailored suits and separates – Tailored is the key word in work wear. When dressing conservatively, all your clothing needs to fit you well. Too tight or too loose clothing will make you look dowdy and unkempt.

Blouses – Crisp white shirts are the obvious classic, but you can’t wear that every day. Pair bold hues with a dark suit, such as navy blue, deep red, or royal purple for a rich pop of color. Choose light fabrics such as chiffon or silk for summer. Avoid sleeveless tops.

Blazers – Some office dress codes require the full suit to wear to client meetings, but how about those endless hours in between? A cashmere blazer in a neutral tone such as black, nude, or navy can keep you warm and comfortable when you jacket is just too much for answering emails.

Jackets – Did we say tailored? Don’t get a hand-me down or a one-size-fits-all suit. Find a few jackets, in the classic colors (nude, navy, grey, black) and use this to pair with brightly-colored blouses and a couple of bold accessories.

Skirts – Forget the mini skirt and the “I’m working on the farm” skirt (you know what we’re talking about). If you look like “Pretty Woman” or “Little House on the Prairie” you are going to cut it. Tailored pencil skirts and fitted A-line skirts at the knee are the way to go.

Pants – Don’t let them drag on the floor, and make sure they fit. Extra-tight pants won’t make you feel comfortable, and it sends the wrong message as well.

Trending Accessories – If you are looking to spruce up your work week wardrobe to add some flare use accessories to make basic outfits stand out. Here is where you have some fun with what’s cutting edge. A bold silver cuff, a long drapey necklace, or some pumps with pattern will give you a signature look without detracting from your professionalism.

Have questions? We have answers. Comment below on what style you think looks good (or not) for the office.

Spring Forward with a New Tote Bag for Work

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When it comes to work, there are a few basic things that every woman needs – a phone, a computer and a great tote bag (or two).



Tory Burch Mae Leather & Suede Tote Bag
An exquisite tote bag that you can use season after season. It comes with a long shoulder strap t


J. Crew Tote Bags
I always love their super functional bags with their simple, functional design



MICHAEL – Michael Kors Large Hamilton Ostrich Tote
This large Michael Kors tote bag is super chic and will have you looking like a million bucks in the board room.



Kate Spade
Believe it or not, Kate Spade diaper bags are also great bags for hauling things back and forth from the office. I have a few and they all work just as well for my laptop and paperwork as they do for diapers and wipes. Of course Kate Spade has other great work bags too, I have just found the diaper bags to be extra durable.



Jane Marvel
Jane Marvel patterns are phenomenal. She has lots of great work bags in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can even get a travel bag or two to match.



L.A.M.B. Stripe Cheyenne Tote
I am a huge huge huge Gwen Stefani fan so of course I love her L.A.M.B. line. This work tote will keep you fashion forward in the office.



Tumi Voyageur Quintessential Tote
If you travel a lot, Tumi may be the right choice for you. I carried a Tumi tote for quite awhile and I liked how I could easily cary my laptop, my phones (work & personal), wallet, eyeglass cases and other loot all in one bag. Tumi has a great selection of work and travel bags that are all very well made. This tote is available in pink, orange, navy and smokey quartz.




eBags Savvy Laptop Tote

This practical comes in lots of cute colors (shown here in chili and you have to see it in eggplant) and it’s only $40! Sometimes you want a bag that is a little less expensive and just sort of fun. I found that eBags has a good selection of well priced bags in all sorts of styles to suit just about anyone.



Prada Saffiano Lux Tote Bag
A fabulous classic tote bag is perfect for every day. I want one!


Kailo Women’s Pleated Laptop Bag
I love this fun print. This tote bag comes in other 3 patterns too and it’s less than $65.



MICHAEL Micahel Kors Large Hamilton Work Tote for Women
This super practical leather tote bag is available in black, white and tan. Read More