Welcome 2015, Raise Your IQ 20 Points by Eating ” Brain Food”

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By Annie Daly Womens Health Magazine December 2014

There are countless ways that eating healthy food can improve your lifestyle: It can help you slim down, sleep better, and improve your skin, to name a few. Well, new research from Dave Asprey, a tech entrepreneur and author of the New York Times Best Seller The Bulletproof Diet (published by Women’s Health’s parent company, Rodale), found that healthy food can also boost your brainpower.

Asprey spent 15 years studying his own biology (he even traveled to faraway places like Tibet in search of ancient health wisdom), and managed to lose 100 pounds—and raise his IQ by 20 points in the process. Because of his success, he developed an entire diet centered around his findings, as outlined in his new book. The basic premise of the diet is that if you eat foods to fuel your brain, you will become sharper over time. What’s more, you’ll strengthen your willpower, which, in turn, curbs cravings and may make you better able to resist unhealthy foods.

Asprey says there are three things you need to do to eat for your IQ. Read them below—and, if you’re feeling super inspired, try the Bulletproof Diet out for yourself. New Year’s resolution, anyone?

1. Fill Up on Fat
No, this is not an invitation to stuff yourself silly with gooey peanut butter brownies. (Sorry.) But Asprey does suggest upping your (healthy) fat intake quit a bit. In fact, his diet is often compared to the grain and dairy-free Paleo diet, but his actually encourages you to eat even more fat than Paleo does. Why? Your brain thrives on fat. “Here’s the thing: Different cells in your brain like different things,” says Asprey. Neurons prefer energy from fat, whereas glial cells (another type of brain cell) prefer energy from carbohydrates, he explains. “Your body usually has enough carbohydrates, so what you need to do is give your body more fat energy for your brain.”

Asprey suggests ingesting your extra fat from his very own Bulletproof coffee, which is made from low-mold coffee beans (more on that below in #3), a tablespoon of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which is an easily digestible fat, and two tablespoons of unsalted butter. Otherwise, if you want to DIY it, add coconut oil to your coffee, and increase your helping of other healthy fats like salmon and avocado.

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2. Pack in More Protein
Another way to eat for your brain is to add more healthy protein into your diet. The reason? Proteins contain amino acids, and your body needs amino acids to build neurotransmitters (like serotonin and dopamine) in your brain, says Asprey. “Generally speaking, the more neurotransmitters you have, the smarter you’ll be, so you need to be sure your body has enough of them at all times,” he says. To get that healthy protein, Asprey suggests eating a moderate amount of high-quality animal protein, as well as more egg yolks. “Your brain goes nuts for the choline [the yellow stuff] in pastured egg yolks,” says Asprey. So think twice before ordering an egg white omelet; keeping the yolks in may be better for you overall.

3. Cut Down on Grains, Legumes, Beans, and Coffee
Get ready to have your mind blown: The reason Asprey says you should cut down on these foods is that they all contain high levels of—wait for it—mold. Yes, mold. “Mold contains neurotoxins, which slow your brain down,” says Asprey. So if you cut down on these toxins, you’ll be sharper.

Asprey conducted a study to prove it. He had half a group of people drink coffee with mold, and half drink it without mold—and those who drank the non-mold coffee performed better on cognitive tests. That’s partly why he developed his specialized Bulletproof coffee, which is made from low-molded beans. And he also recommends swapping vodka for beer and wine, which both have loads of high-mold grains. “When you eat a diet with less toxins, your brain will function better,” he says. “It’s that simple.”


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What Color Do You Fancy?



 Wearing nail polish is one of the easiest ways to make a fashion statement.  This summer there is a hot and trendy tone to flatter every skin tone.  The big hit at fashion week was nude polish which is the perfect look for work or play.  White is another color trending although very clean looking, can look very messy if your nails are not in great shape.   Teal is a hot color for summer.  Depending on which industry you work, it may not be ideal.  There are so many variations of teal to choose from you can probably find one that can be a little more subtle and at least match your wardrobe.  Pastels are always my favorite.  Great for any event, work, and just looks the most girly.  A perfect coral shade can make a bold fashion statement while still looking safe enough to wear to the office.


A really interesting article came across my desk about which http://www.glamour.com/beauty/2012/08/the-10-most-popular-nail-polish-colors-celebrities-are-wearing-on-their-toes-right-now#slide=2 shades the celebrities are wearing right now.  I have just as good taste as them, but I will post the article regardless for all of you that love to read about trending celebrities.  Since nail polish is one of the cheapest accessories a girl can wear to boost her wardrobe you can actually try a different color on each nail if you are daring enough…I say yuck to that!!!





Working Women…What Fragrance Are You Wearing?


There are so many no-no rules when it comes to going on a job interview.  There is the obvious like refraining from gum chewing or walking in with open toe shoes and an unpolished pedicure (a personal pet peeve of mine). Then there is the not so obvious, what you are wearing.  I’m not talking about your dress or suit, I’m talking about your fragrance.

We’ve had perfectly qualified candidates walk out of an interview and leave a plume of their scent behind–for hours, giving some of us headaches and making us dizzy. YOU want to make the lasting impression on your interviewee, not your perfume, yet you want to walk in smelling nice.

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