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Fall is not yet upon us but it seems like Fall fashion is shaking up the runway.  We all like to be one step ahead of the game and in the know right?  This year fashion is all over the place starting out with a gothic street style look which is influencing every designer fashion house and dominating runway shows.  Also being shown is an athletic and wearable look enhanced with sequins and tweeds.  Have you notice all the designers are coming out with sneakers shown with baggy pants and an oversized fisherman’s jacket?  (yuck)..not my look.  Sixties glam mixed with bold patterns and miniskirts and believe this – go-go boots—remember those?  For some reason I’m thinking Goldie Hawn or Cybill Shepherd from one of their earlier movies.  A more casual trend (more appropriate for work) coming this Fall is plaid trousers, plaid coats with the beanies (I can do without the beanie). Knee length skirts with high boots are also the fad and another great look for work.  One of the nighttime looks coming our way is Rock & Roll chic with form fitting pants and an unbuttoned shirt accompanied by a shaggy fur which gives us a kind of bohemian look.  Hair is being chopped and get this headbands are back!! (never would I wear) So ladies, seems like it is anything this Fall.  You all know your limitations and what is and isn’t appropriate for work depending on which industry you are in.  I attached a great article from the HuffPost Style that talks about Fall fashion and will give you a few more varieties of style. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/07/07/fall-2014-fashion_n_5564334.html

I hope you find it a great read…

Let me know what fashion trends you are happiest to see make a return?






Baby It’s Cold Outside….

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It’s still cold out but spring is right around the corner…literally!!! Today I am going to write about trends for spring 2014 in the workplace and how women in their 40’s can pull off this look—hey, if you are in your 20’s or 30’s there is no law that says you can’t follow these trends yourself—just sayin.

Trends add excitement to your wardrobe so don’t ignore all of them. Designers work hard to come up with these fashions and trends.   Pastels are still out in full force and with white can look very sophisticated.  Classic button downs resembling a man’s shirt paired with a great pair of jeans or wide trouser is very chic right now.  Knee length skirts are back—don’t even think about hemming yours and if you did let it out…at least for now.  Some designers are making skirts even longer than just knee length which can give us plenty of mix and match options!  Floral patterns are trending right now.  While I am not a fan of florals, they should be worn separately or you may look like you got dressed with one eye open and you may get a few glares at the office.  Why be the center of distraction?  I found a great article to give you all a head start on some fashion work trends for spring!  http://images.businessweek.com/slideshows/2014-02-27/2014-spring-fashion-office-style-guide.  While I do not really follow all trends, what works for one may not work for others….i drum to my own beat!!!! 




You Got The Look!!!

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So here we are approaching the fall season and all the hottest new fashion trends.   While I tend to follow some trends, not all are appealing. As I can try to keep up with the joneses, I’m perfectly fine in a baseball hat, t shirt and jeans.  Baseball hats are coming in strong this season and that is ok but, I also heard beanies and turbans will also be gracing the heads of many–oh my!    Neutral shades have now expanded to the gray family and include anything from shades of slate to charcoal. This is perfect for that great new skirt you get to wear to work.  Skirt hems have been lowered to mid-calf as well as a cut slit up the right side- another plus to wear to the workplace.  Sounds like we are heading into the 30’s -hope not too much- you couldn’t pay me to wear ruffles–ugh.  In the early 1990’s I do remember a lot of women wearing blouses with ruffles…that is one trend that has re-appeared more than once that I hope just stays away!  Color is coming back into season full-force from colored furs to dark colored skinny jeans- think evergreen. High shine fabrics will also be a big hit for fall. I’m thinking a pink skirt with a white t shirt.  Speaking of pink, this is a color that has been getting a lot of airtime.  A great fabric coat in blush will go a long way and blend beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe.  Now, for anyone who just doesn’t have the time to run around looking for all of these wonderful trendy items, I have some really great friends that work as personal shoppers, whom I can recommend….me included—that’s a joke but it does comes natural to some!   Read up on some more 1930 fashion trends here…. http://fashion.just-the-swing.com/1930s-womens-fashion.  I thought it might be interesting to read about another era in fashion.





From Work To Weekend Best Beach Bags 2013

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Trendy Handbags is one of the indispensable items of women, and bags used to go to the beach in the summer is one of the accessories they are interested in a lot. The collections of beach bags for summer 2013 includes a fine selection of models (from design to material, color, style), perfectly matching with swimsuits, beach tunics and dresses of the season. Spring Summer 2013 Women’s Beach Bags – is a bright accessory, which must impressive, powerful, stylish and attract attention. springsummerfashiontrends.blogspot.com May 2013

As seen on stylishcube.com May 2013

Beach bags 2013

CIA. Maritima, Caffe (2,3), Club Monaco, OndadeMar

Decor of trendy beach bags 2013 is fairly bright and varied: embroidery with beads, sequins, rhinestones, crystals, tassels, fringe, «metallic» trim in different shades. Individual attention should be given to original straps made of plastic and wood, scarves and original cord.

Beach bags 2013

Caffe (1-3), Mara Hoffman, Agua Bendita, Marc Jacobs

The most fashionable color palette for beach bags 2013 – is blue, coral, pink, red, lime and aqua, natural and neon colors are very relevant, some designers offer a beach bag with a spectacular color transition. Among the prints the most popular are geometric, floral, animal drawings and ethnic designs.

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