Baby It’s Cold Outside….

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It’s still cold out but spring is right around the corner…literally!!! Today I am going to write about trends for spring 2014 in the workplace and how women in their 40’s can pull off this look—hey, if you are in your 20’s or 30’s there is no law that says you can’t follow these trends yourself—just sayin.

Trends add excitement to your wardrobe so don’t ignore all of them. Designers work hard to come up with these fashions and trends.   Pastels are still out in full force and with white can look very sophisticated.  Classic button downs resembling a man’s shirt paired with a great pair of jeans or wide trouser is very chic right now.  Knee length skirts are back—don’t even think about hemming yours and if you did let it out…at least for now.  Some designers are making skirts even longer than just knee length which can give us plenty of mix and match options!  Floral patterns are trending right now.  While I am not a fan of florals, they should be worn separately or you may look like you got dressed with one eye open and you may get a few glares at the office.  Why be the center of distraction?  I found a great article to give you all a head start on some fashion work trends for spring!  While I do not really follow all trends, what works for one may not work for others….i drum to my own beat!!!! 




Starting The New Year On A Postive Note With Michael Buble or Nina Simone

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What will this year bring?  Go listen to the song Feeling Good on your player…..welcome 2014 with a smile.

Whenever you read a newspaper or magazine are you drawn to the horoscope page?  Millions of people are born on the same day- is it really possible to read something unique about yourself?  The Barnum Effect is what psychologists describe as the temptation to read personal meanings into a general description.  Sixty years later writers still rely on this observable human trait.  Horoscopes say the same thing year after year, and people don’t even notice it.  They give meaning to otherwise random events in our lives.  If you can blame it on Mars or Saturn, one will feel less responsible for them.  An example would be able to keep a job or a partner.  Some people don’t like that events are random, so horoscopes offer people the comfort of predictability.  With that in mind, I have attached work horoscopes for the New Year.  Enjoy them and don’t look too much into them.  Most importantly….do not rely on them..


‘Tis The Season For Giving….


The holidays are approaching and what a great time to talk about gift giving.  What is considered appropriate gift etiquette in our country may not be entirely appropriate in another culture.  I found a great article which I will include later on about that very subject.  Anyway, getting back to gifts,   there are three important factors to consider when purchasing a gift for someone you work with or a boss.  I am one to just buy something not really thinking about any factors, although I will let you in on them.  First factor is motive.  Do you feel obligated to give a gift? If you are reluctant to give a gift just make it easy on yourself and give a gift card and be done with it.  Second is relationship.  If it is strictly professional or a combination of friendship/business, the more formal your friendship, the more formal the gift should be.  Gifts should only be given in existing relationships, not as a way to create one.  Lastly, money.  Sometimes giving one gift opens up a can of worms and you may create a situation when you may need to give to others as well.  If you don’t have it within your budget to give to all these other potential people, just be nice and respectful to them and maybe u can come up with an inexpensive token gift or bake cookies for them.  (I am not one to give baked items- but then again, some people think differently).  Anything you do should be considered a nice gesture.  Not giving your boss a gift is irrelevant to your job so don’t think otherwise.  There is different gift etiquette depending on which culture you observe.  Below I have included a very interesting article on different cultures and what gift etiquette is observed.  Who knew?  It is true, you learn something new every day!!!


Macaroni and Cheese…Terrance You Are The Man!!


A great new side dish…

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I thought I would hit one out of the park and give you all an amazing Macaroni and Cheese recipe.  The recipe is such a hit I just had to share.  Ever have those friends that find something great and like to keep it a secret…not me. Pasta and cheese casseroles have been included in cookbooks since the early 14th century.  It was first found in an old medieval cookbook named Liber de Coquina and described as fresh hand-cut pasta sandwiched between a mixture of melted butter and cheese.   Thomas Jefferson had his first encounter with macaroni while in both Paris and northern Italy.  He even commissioned the American ambassador to Paris William Short to purchase a machine to make it.  Long story short, Thomas didn’t think the machine was suitable enough so he imported a macaroni and cheese machine and served “macaroni pie” at a state dinner.  As a result, in the United States July 14th was branded “National Macaroni and Cheese Day”.  Getting back to my recipe, I actually didn’t make it up but found it searching on the web.  I hope you all enjoy it and you don’t find it is too much work to make. Let me know how it was!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!