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Fall is not yet upon us but it seems like Fall fashion is shaking up the runway.  We all like to be one step ahead of the game and in the know right?  This year fashion is all over the place starting out with a gothic street style look which is influencing every designer fashion house and dominating runway shows.  Also being shown is an athletic and wearable look enhanced with sequins and tweeds.  Have you notice all the designers are coming out with sneakers shown with baggy pants and an oversized fisherman’s jacket?  (yuck)..not my look.  Sixties glam mixed with bold patterns and miniskirts and believe this – go-go boots—remember those?  For some reason I’m thinking Goldie Hawn or Cybill Shepherd from one of their earlier movies.  A more casual trend (more appropriate for work) coming this Fall is plaid trousers, plaid coats with the beanies (I can do without the beanie). Knee length skirts with high boots are also the fad and another great look for work.  One of the nighttime looks coming our way is Rock & Roll chic with form fitting pants and an unbuttoned shirt accompanied by a shaggy fur which gives us a kind of bohemian look.  Hair is being chopped and get this headbands are back!! (never would I wear) So ladies, seems like it is anything this Fall.  You all know your limitations and what is and isn’t appropriate for work depending on which industry you are in.  I attached a great article from the HuffPost Style that talks about Fall fashion and will give you a few more varieties of style. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/07/07/fall-2014-fashion_n_5564334.html

I hope you find it a great read…

Let me know what fashion trends you are happiest to see make a return?