‘Tis The Season For Giving….


The holidays are approaching and what a great time to talk about gift giving.  What is considered appropriate gift etiquette in our country may not be entirely appropriate in another culture.  I found a great article which I will include later on about that very subject.  Anyway, getting back to gifts,   there are three important factors to consider when purchasing a gift for someone you work with or a boss.  I am one to just buy something not really thinking about any factors, although I will let you in on them.  First factor is motive.  Do you feel obligated to give a gift? If you are reluctant to give a gift just make it easy on yourself and give a gift card and be done with it.  Second is relationship.  If it is strictly professional or a combination of friendship/business, the more formal your friendship, the more formal the gift should be.  Gifts should only be given in existing relationships, not as a way to create one.  Lastly, money.  Sometimes giving one gift opens up a can of worms and you may create a situation when you may need to give to others as well.  If you don’t have it within your budget to give to all these other potential people, just be nice and respectful to them and maybe u can come up with an inexpensive token gift or bake cookies for them.  (I am not one to give baked items- but then again, some people think differently).  Anything you do should be considered a nice gesture.  Not giving your boss a gift is irrelevant to your job so don’t think otherwise.  There is different gift etiquette depending on which culture you observe.  Below I have included a very interesting article on different cultures and what gift etiquette is observed.   http://netique.com/giftsearch/international.html.  Who knew?  It is true, you learn something new every day!!!