Halloween Rules! Don’t Be Part Of Office Gossip!


 In some #workplaces dressing up for Halloween can be expected and considered part of the company’s culture.  If you are a teacher, you wouldn’t want to be the teacher that does not participate or be a team sport.  If you choose an inappropriate costume, you may put yourself in even more hot water.  Waitstaffing at a restaurant may also be a job  atmosphere that allows workers to dress up for Halloween.  Keep in mind the image you portray in your costume may become part of your workplace persona long after Halloween passes.  If you dress up as something with a political flair, be prepared to have some possible choice comments thrown your way.  My advice is to keep politics out of the office. If the subject doesn’t feel right to discuss,  it is probably not a great idea to dress up in that nature either.

The role you play will sometimes dictate whether or not you should dress up.  If you are new to your #job, ask a co-worker or your #boss if people dress up or not.  Bring in a baked good or other sweet to offer co-workers will sure win them over and make you feel part of the team.  Below is a great article I read about #Halloween at the workplace.  http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Halloween-at-work-Don-t-let-costume-come-back-to-4927133.php

Enjoy!!! And don’t forget to make that yearly dental check-up on Friday!


Revolutionizing The Way Men Shop For Clothing And Making Money

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Mary Murphy,
J Hilburn Managing Partner


Did you ever contemplate starting your own biz…but then got bogged down with all the details of building a website, crafting products, marketing your biz, ordering biz cards and designing a logo, just to name a few? It is a lot of work to start a business, not to mention a lot of money.


But what if you could start a business with a corporate brand, daily personal support, , and a luxurious line of clothing? What if you didn’t have to come up with the logo, pay for office/retail space, hire employees, shell out for marketing… yet the products were items a majority of the population wears and wants today? Believe it or not, these opportunities exist.


 I am a 3 time entrepreneur/small biz owner. I have studied many business models and have operated a brick and mortar biz for years. I have looked into women’s, kids, and fitness lines, but  find the J Hiburn biz model was so appealing to me. No heat, no rent, no employees, no products to dream up, yet I sell Black label custom clothing for men who need to buy it somewhere, will get a better fit with J Hilburn, hate to shop anyway and appreciate the help. I can offer a unique shopping experience to my clients from my car to their office with just  a small bag of fabric samples + measure tapes and a desire to help men dress well. J Hilburn is anything but another direct sales company. It is the way men will shop in the future. Every man wants to dress like a gentleman and deserves a personal shopper.


 I am a Top 10 Seller and Recruiter for J Hilburn nationwide. I have built a strong business and team across the US in under 2 years for a reason. I know how to help people build a successful business and my former kindergarten teacher and entrepreneur background helps! Every woman has experience that is valuable.


If you are  interested in earning a solid income on your own work schedule,  I would love to connect with you. Come join my team or just exchange stories.

 Your Partner in Style,








Take Your Pick Ladies


Half of the workforce is made up of women, and they are still underrepresented on the corporate ladder.  Research shows that companies perform better when they have more female executives—I knew that!   By having gender diversity, women can add their own perspective, experiences, and knowledge to the board.  Most of these companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to benefits.  They offer paid maternity leave, child care, and the option to telecommute until they return to work.  Most companies nowadays provide child care resources and referral services.  Below I have enclosed a great article about the 100 Best Companies For Working Moms. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jennagoudreau/2010/09/14/100-best-companies-for-working-moms/. Most companies are using strategies to help working parents-good to know.