Smarts will only get you so far.  For the woman who wants it all, appearance is vital.  Classic bob shapes are great for all ages and can frame the face while at the same time come off as polished and professional.  Powerful women in the workplace are also typically very busy women, multi-tasking many duties at once.  Hair should be kept simple, not too short, funky or spiky.  On interviews, we want to look and dress the part.  A new hairstyle gets you noticed at work.  Blondes have more fun.  Brunettes are usually viewed as more conservative, and red heads are seen as strong and goal-oriented.  Most women when asked if they could make their hair a different color for one day what would it be?  By a landslide it was red.  Successful women exude confidence.  Most women with very defined hairstyles excel at what they do.  Long straight hair says your serious but can still have a good time.  Long wavy/curly hair says you are a fun person who likes to go out for a drink after work.  One may find it very liberating to just cut it all off.  All over the news today is Beyonce with her new crop do.  Incase you missed it here is a look at what is trending today.. http://www.vogue.com/vogue-daily/article/beyonces-new-short-haircut-the-crop-heard-round-the-world-/#1





You Got The Look!!!

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So here we are approaching the fall season and all the hottest new fashion trends.   While I tend to follow some trends, not all are appealing. As I can try to keep up with the joneses, I’m perfectly fine in a baseball hat, t shirt and jeans.  Baseball hats are coming in strong this season and that is ok but, I also heard beanies and turbans will also be gracing the heads of many–oh my!    Neutral shades have now expanded to the gray family and include anything from shades of slate to charcoal. This is perfect for that great new skirt you get to wear to work.  Skirt hems have been lowered to mid-calf as well as a cut slit up the right side- another plus to wear to the workplace.  Sounds like we are heading into the 30’s -hope not too much- you couldn’t pay me to wear ruffles–ugh.  In the early 1990’s I do remember a lot of women wearing blouses with ruffles…that is one trend that has re-appeared more than once that I hope just stays away!  Color is coming back into season full-force from colored furs to dark colored skinny jeans- think evergreen. High shine fabrics will also be a big hit for fall. I’m thinking a pink skirt with a white t shirt.  Speaking of pink, this is a color that has been getting a lot of airtime.  A great fabric coat in blush will go a long way and blend beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe.  Now, for anyone who just doesn’t have the time to run around looking for all of these wonderful trendy items, I have some really great friends that work as personal shoppers, whom I can recommend….me included—that’s a joke but it does comes natural to some!   Read up on some more 1930 fashion trends here…. http://fashion.just-the-swing.com/1930s-womens-fashion.  I thought it might be interesting to read about another era in fashion.





Work Hard, Party Like A Rock Star


One way to ensure a fantastic party is to hire a party planner.  Some people have no idea how much thought, detail, and physical labor goes into making an event a huge success.  Here are some reasons why:

*They will be the ones to make sure an event runs smoothly beginning to end,    allowing you to enjoy your evening and spend time with the guests.

*They have established relationships with many vendors which will save you money   and time when making decisions.

*They can help secure a venue for you and deal with all the logistics (contracts, design, and décor) and make sure all of your expectations are met.

Along from being a fun job, this is a great source of p/t time work.  From wait staff, bartenders, kitchen help to event planners to even a makeup artist, this is a great way to secure a flexible position that works within your schedule.  I found a great article that talks about hiring an event planner and all the pros!

http://www.bigbuzzideagroup.com/2011/01/18/5-reasons-to-hire-an-event-planner-for-your-next-event/.  Remember at the end of the day, this party should be about you being able to enjoy yourself and not sweating the small stuff!