THINK CHANGE is changing the way experienced professionals find jobs.    Our company has hit on a great evergreen niche within the growing trend of one job hiring.  Marketed primarily towards the “returning-to-work” woman, is a centralized website redefining the way these job-seekers (and all flexible professionals) and prospective employers find each other. Here they can directly interact for short term, part-time, seasonal and project based work.  Here they can find jobs that fit their talents and their schedules, without a long term commitment.

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What Kind Of Joe Do You Like?


 How many cups of coffee do you need to function everyday?  We can have endless conversations about this but a few things are fact:



Caffeine helps you perform better.  It actually boots your performance at work.  Researchers studying night-shift workers found that workers who drank something caffeinated made fewer errors than colleagues who hadn’t.



Coffee is the new water cooler.  Workers who take coffee breaks at the same time are more productive than workers who break solitarily.



Coffee eases the pain of working at a desk.  It has been found to ease the pain in the neck, shoulders, and wrists.  An interesting article I came across talks about which professionals drink the most coffee at work—take a look..  I am always looking for the best brand of coffee either for a drip coffee-maker or café bought…Let me know which one you start your day with…








What Color Do You Fancy?



 Wearing nail polish is one of the easiest ways to make a fashion statement.  This summer there is a hot and trendy tone to flatter every skin tone.  The big hit at fashion week was nude polish which is the perfect look for work or play.  White is another color trending although very clean looking, can look very messy if your nails are not in great shape.   Teal is a hot color for summer.  Depending on which industry you work, it may not be ideal.  There are so many variations of teal to choose from you can probably find one that can be a little more subtle and at least match your wardrobe.  Pastels are always my favorite.  Great for any event, work, and just looks the most girly.  A perfect coral shade can make a bold fashion statement while still looking safe enough to wear to the office.


A really interesting article came across my desk about which shades the celebrities are wearing right now.  I have just as good taste as them, but I will post the article regardless for all of you that love to read about trending celebrities.  Since nail polish is one of the cheapest accessories a girl can wear to boost her wardrobe you can actually try a different color on each nail if you are daring enough…I say yuck to that!!!