Get In Line Please



Raising kids is one of the hardest jobs in the world to do and a gap in your resume shows that priorities are important to you.  Returners are women who at one time had a solid career and are looking to return to work. After taking time off to raise kids and focus on other projects, returning to work is not so easy.  Women are easing their way back into the workplace by volunteering or participating in internship programs just to get their foot in the door.  Actually, it makes a lot of sense, you don’t need to babysit an established woman, they know how things work and how to make themselves most useful in the workplace.  Young interns  (still in college) really need to be taught the ropes, and given direction on basic skills.  I read a really great article in the New York Post yesterday about Google and the money they pay to their summer interns…talk about taking a number and get in line…I think this is one of the most sought after intern programs out there.





Work It Girls! How Low Would You Go?


Women always want to know what is the perfect length for a skirt in the office? The rule of thumb is the higher the skirt the lower the heal should be.  (I’ve never seen a girl adhere to this).  Common sense is not common practice and everyday many intelligent, professional women show poor judgment when making decisions about what to wear.  For some women, long legs are leverage in garnering leadership positions.  Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are equally inappropriate when the skirt is to short or too tight. For any of you that need some wardrobe fine tuning, please enjoy the article below.  I found this to be a great article without skirting (NO PUN) the issue!  Summer is right around the corner and I say lock up those pants!!!  Oh, if you have any good fake tanning products you use we love to hear from you…You can use that on your legs, right?