Plenty of Work Before the Red Carpet Rolls At The Grammy’s

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I love music..any kind of music!!!

One of my favorite TV nights of the year are when the Grammy Awards are on. The Grammy happen to be the largest physical production of an annual awards ceremony. This past year their were many amazing performances and so many emotions felt. One of the highlights of the evening was Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston.


We all watch the awards, but how many of us really know how much hard work goes into making this one night happen? And how many months of planning is involved? I used to work at a label, so i have an idea. I found an interesting article that takes us “behind the scenes” and describes in detail all the  jobs required to make this night happen!


Some interesting facts about production of the Grammys:


*It takes seven days with several crew working 24 hours a day to load and hang all of the equipment.

*Show organizers use 450 microphones, 155 tons of lighting, 13,000 amps of powers, 19 video screens, 94 speaker cabinets, and an endless amount of Macs (can you imagine all the part-time and consulting jobs created by this one production???).

*The West coast gets a tape-delayed broadcast which also airs 8pm local time.

*Sound check and rehearsals take four days.



If you can’t be there in person..this is the next best thing–get out the popcorn! The Grammy awards are coming February 10, 2013!!!




Read It And Eat…From Guy Fieri’s Pretzel Chicken Fingers to Home Made Spicy Tomato Soup

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Lunch is something we don’t think about at work until hunger strikes mid day. If we don’t have the time to run out to grab a bite it usually means ordering in soup, salad, sandwich or as most of us hate to admit, attacking the candy in the vending machine (working full or part-time, you should still be allotted the same amount of time for lunch).


I found a great article with some wonderful lunch ideas that you can bring from home. Believe it or not, I have actually made some of these on my own and it definitely hit the spot (which one did you make?).  Here is my favorite,   Soup’s On: Spicy Tomato and Blue Cheese Soup, Posted by Yumsugar.

When I think of a deliciously comforting tomato soup recipe, the ingredients beer, blue cheese, and sriracha definitely do not come to mind. However, these out-of-the-ordinary elements are exactly why I knew I had to make this soup. Created by Iron Chef Michael Symon for Pilsner Urquell, the combination actually works — wonderfully well.

This soup is not your grandmother’s tomato soup: While the rich flavor of tomatoes is most prominent, it has undertones of fizzy tanginess and pungent creaminess. The spicy sriracha adds a compelling and addictive heat to the velvety liquid. I so enjoyed this recipe that I have plans to make it again very soon. Don’t be afraid of the odd ingredients. This soup is excellent! To look at the recipe, read more. 

Try these 10 simple recipes to bring to work for lunch. They are mouth watering, healthy, and fun.

And I didn’t even need to return the stare of the M & M’s gazing at me in the machine… One food tip for the day…If you live in NYC, and cant bring your own lunch to work, you must, must run over to Guy Fierie‘s new restaurant called Guy’s American Bar and Grill. They have this dish on the menu called Awesome Pretzel Chicken Tenders…please let me know how they are if you get there before me…I can’t stop thinking about them ever since reading about the restaurant. Enjoy!



Dr. Oz Features Tony Horton, In Reshaping Mind and Body

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Ladies, healthy heart and healthy mind is your key when going  back to work. We all have our favorite workout, favorite class, teacher, and equally important schedule.   However, If you are considering going back to work, nervous about your flexibility, you must try Tony Hortons 10 minute workout at home twice a week.

by Joanne Eglash, The Examiner

Want to melt fat fast and jump-start your metabolism? How about getting a 10-minute miracle workout and getting the dish on how to eat twice as much and lose more? It’s weight loss week on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s talk show, and he’s get the skinny on how to accomplish all those goals, plus more. Get a sneak peek here.

On Nov. 12, Dr. Oz will reveal new science that explains why you’re fat – and how to change your weight loss game beginning with your next meal. You’ll lose fast with Dr. Oz’s three-day detox to jump-start your metabolism.

Famed for his fitness secrets such as his P90X, Tony Horton teams up with Dr. Oz on Nov. 13 to reshape your body. Would you believe a 10-minute miracle workout? And with all that exercise, you’ll need fuel. On Nov. 14, Dr. Oz brings back Hungry Girl to reveal how to eat more and weigh less. Get a sample of her recipe secrets by clicking here. Dr. Andrew Weil joins Dr. Oz on Nov. 15 to unveil how to lose weight naturally.


Trending: Bling is Back, and Fabulous as Ever

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Oversized cocktail rings make a comeback this season. Big stones, playful shapes and glossy crystals bring your hands to life.

by, Julia Robson, The National

Karl Lagerfeld, the Teutonic designer who holds the power in his gloved hand to send fashion careering off in any direction on a whim.

It’s not only the excitement of the unexpected that Lagerfeld brings to the fashion world but the knowledge we are all in safe hands too. It’s all very well to have left-field trends such as grunge or the clothing equivalent of the goji berry offered to us, but once Lagerfeld has put a trend through his Chanel mincing machine, we just know it will come out looking chic.

Bling is back. Byzantine bling. The wearing of museum-type artifact jewellery starting with majestic dangling earrings is back in fashion. Start reading your history books.

In Dubai,A crystal-encrusted air purifier has gone on sale in the glittering setting of one of Dubai’s most prestigious department stores.

The Dh32,000 Al Muntaha (“ultimate”) purifier, hand-studded with 20,000 Swarovski crystals, is on display on the second floor of Galeries Lafayette, in Dubai Mall.



If you want to feel good this season, a buffet of bling awaits you.

1. Gold clawshaped with white cameo and purple stone, Dh1,085, Alcoze at S*uce.

2. Flower, Dh510, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Abu Dhabi Mall, 02 650 3338; Dubai Mall, 04 339 8781 and elsewhere.

3. Gold with crystals and peach stones, Dh1,185, Alcoze at S*uce.

4. Reptile, Dh850, Kenneth Jay Lane at Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates, 04 409 8888.

5. Skull, Dh1,100, Alexander McQueen, Dubai Mall, 04 339 8760.

6. Square with yellow stone, Dh825, Alexis Bittar at Bloomingdale’s, Dubai Mall, 04 350 5333.

7. Star, Dh680, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

8. Panther, Dh925, Kenneth Jay Lane at Harvey Nichols.

9. Big rectangular crystal, Dh325, Mzuu at Bloomingdale’s.

10. Pear, Dh680, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

11. Small grey crystals, price on request, CH Carolina Herrera, Abu Dhabi Mall, 02 650 3867; Dubai Mall, 04 339 8132 and elsewhere.

12. Sun shaped with big crystal, Dh50, River Island, River Island, Mall of the Emirates, 04 340 9115 and elsewhere.