Welcome To The Newly Redesigned Website For Can U Work Tomorrow! COMING SOON

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Welcome to the newly redesigned website for Can U Work Tomorrow! COMING SOON, August 2012
We are excited to announce that after months of programming and planning we have come up with acompletely new design that implements a number of changes making your experience an enjoyable one.

As our community of job seekers and businesses grow, we are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to interact

and communicate with potential employers and employees. Within the week, we will unveil a sleek new site,packed with

new features that make it easier for you to find work or search for employers.

The new website is easier to navigate, designed to offer visitors up-to-date news and information about the job market around the country.

Other features coming soon include a seamless social media aspect, allowing users to share information they find relevant

on their favorite networking site.

You will be notified when we make the transition to update any information necessary to your profiles. Remember that a complete profile,

for both the employer and job-seeker will create positive experiences with www.canuworktomorrow.com.

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Kids away and you still aren’t sure what to do with yourself???

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In my world, the best way to keep busy is to work. Whether you work part-time, freelance, or full-time; as a front desk receptionist, cake baker (that is what I wanted to do when I was little), or you bill a zillion (I know impossible) hours as a partner in a law firm– who cares?? It is important for our well-being to keep our minds actively going!!! Do you remember when your grandmother used to played bingo? That $70.00 she won was not going to add to her bank account, but it did keep exercising her brain. If you are lucky enough to have free time over the summer and have sent your kids away to enjoy theirs, I found a wonderful article that will give you some helpful suggestions on what to do: http://www.parenthood.com/article-topics/10_things_to_do_while_the_kids_are_away.html. Time does fly and the summer is over before you know it. So enjoy!!!!