To Wear or Not to Wear: Office Fashion Reviewed


If you are out of style, you could be out of touch with what’s trending in society. If you look like you are out of touch, you could be passed over for that promotion. At the same turn if you are wearing every cutting edge fashions fresh from the catwalk, you could stand out too much at the office making you look like you are trying too hard, or worse that you don’t need a promotion. There needs to be a balance for office wear. What’s OK to wear to work, and what doesn’t cut it?

We’ve provided a simple guide on things to include for the typical workweek, as well as a few pieces to keep for the weekend.

Top 5 Things Not to Wear to Work

We’ve turned to Marie Claire and Forbes as our guides in what is considered appropriate and what’s a no-no in the workplace. Follow some of these tips when figuring out your workweek wardrobe.

Don’t wear capes – Ever the dramatic piece, a cape allows you to swoop in while staying warm. Swooping isn’t for working, and presents an over-dramatic flair. Keep the capes at home.

Avoid plunging necklines – While seemingly obvious, many women forget that brains rule the day in the office…not exposed cleavage. Necklines should be demure and professional. It may seem like the way to get ahead, but often it can spell demise for your position. Be known for your accomplishments not your neckline.

Don’t wear leggings and tunics – Let’s face it, leggings and tunics are comfortable. They aren’t exactly sweats, they are form fitting, and with a blousy tunic it almost feels like a cozy blanket hugging your body. Keep away from leggings at work! You aren’t there to lounge around; you are there to get work done and look professional. Keep the lounge clothes for the evening.

Stay away from hats – Even if you are having a bad hair day, this isn’t a good option.  Hats don’t add to a fashion forward look, rather it can appear like you are trying too hard. Baseball caps, cute fedoras, they all gotta’ go.

Go light on the perfume – Not only can you offend your colleagues sense of smell with your perfume, some may be allergic. Keep the heady scents for nights on the town, and spritz a light (very light) body mist instead.

Bonus Tip: Keep the flip flops for the beach. Closed toe pumps, peep toe kitten heels, and professional looking flats should be your mainstays. Flip flops are never appropriate, even in the most casual of office wear code.

Top Workplace Fashion that Makes an Impression

Enough of what looks bad, how can you look your best? It may seem boring, but conservative clothing should always be your main theme. That’s not to say you can’t dress up your outfits with a bit of color and some bold accessories, but you will want to steer away from wild trends (Katy Perry should not be a role model here) if you are trying to get ahead at work.

Tailored suits and separates – Tailored is the key word in work wear. When dressing conservatively, all your clothing needs to fit you well. Too tight or too loose clothing will make you look dowdy and unkempt.

Blouses – Crisp white shirts are the obvious classic, but you can’t wear that every day. Pair bold hues with a dark suit, such as navy blue, deep red, or royal purple for a rich pop of color. Choose light fabrics such as chiffon or silk for summer. Avoid sleeveless tops.

Blazers – Some office dress codes require the full suit to wear to client meetings, but how about those endless hours in between? A cashmere blazer in a neutral tone such as black, nude, or navy can keep you warm and comfortable when you jacket is just too much for answering emails.

Jackets – Did we say tailored? Don’t get a hand-me down or a one-size-fits-all suit. Find a few jackets, in the classic colors (nude, navy, grey, black) and use this to pair with brightly-colored blouses and a couple of bold accessories.

Skirts – Forget the mini skirt and the “I’m working on the farm” skirt (you know what we’re talking about). If you look like “Pretty Woman” or “Little House on the Prairie” you are going to cut it. Tailored pencil skirts and fitted A-line skirts at the knee are the way to go.

Pants – Don’t let them drag on the floor, and make sure they fit. Extra-tight pants won’t make you feel comfortable, and it sends the wrong message as well.

Trending Accessories – If you are looking to spruce up your work week wardrobe to add some flare use accessories to make basic outfits stand out. Here is where you have some fun with what’s cutting edge. A bold silver cuff, a long drapey necklace, or some pumps with pattern will give you a signature look without detracting from your professionalism.

Have questions? We have answers. Comment below on what style you think looks good (or not) for the office.

“There Is No Security In Life, Only Opportunity.” – Mark Twain

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I love this quote and that’s why I chose it!!! One of the many opportunities we are given in life is experiencing parenthood. Although very rewarding and probably the most exciting time in one’s life, it is also very consuming. The thoughts of picking up where your career once left off eons ago, and start a new endeavor is not only scary but almost like getting thrown to the wolves.


In consulting with married friends who fill these shoes (some are freelancers, some just work part-time) as well as reading various articles and blogs on the web, one of the most challenging obstacles is time management. How can we possibly go back to having a full-time career, and at the same time manage a household, kids, and keep our hubby happy? Some moms i talked to think that prioritizing your tasks (laundry list) is the way to start the day. Depending on which task you start, if you can’t finish it you need to move on to the next. Now, some mom’s have live-in help (second, third, even a fourth set of hands)…this article need not apply!!! For those who are hands on, take charge kind of moms–keep reading. A really great article I found is from Money Saving Mom® which talks about  7 Time Management Tips For The Working Woman. My favorite on the list is number three!!! Multi-Tasking is a do you expect to get anything done if you can’t do two things at the same time??? I even try to do three things at once to save time..


All in all just remember to take time each day to do something for yourself…after all aren’t you deserving of it?


I’ve included a picture of Olivia Langdon Clemens. You see her husband was Mark Twain. Can you imagine what a busy life she had?? It was Olivia who worked on details of managing the house; she was the primary caregiver (she had some servants–why do we say “live-in help” and not use the term “servants”??) of the couple’s three daughters; and she was indisputably held in high esteem by everyone she met. Both Clemens and the children described her as being the firm, yet gentle, moral center of the household.




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Are You a Bawl Baby? Don’t Do it at Work.

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According to work tradition, strong emotions are not valued in the workplace. Sure, if you are having a good day, a smile is certainly not frowned upon, but be wary of being to buoyant or sinking into the depths of despair. Emotions in the workplace are not tolerated well by colleagues and employers.

Why can’t our work culture accept that we are human and have emotions when a customer or client gets angry with us? Or how about when an employer tells us we are not performing to the right standards and they are disappointed with our progress, even though we’ve been working our butts off? Are we supposed to accept it with a smile and nod?

Branch manager of U.S. Bank, Marly Grey, says that emotions generally need to be constricted. Read the interview we had with her to find out what current emotional conditions are like at her workplace.

CUWT: Marly, thank you for taking your time to talk to us today.

Marly: It’s no problem. I’m happy to talk.

CUWT: So as a manager who has employees and executives above you, what is your take on emotions in the workplace? Are they appropriate?

Marly: I think it’s never appropriate to show your emotion strongly one way or another. It looks like you are out of control. If you look like you can’t keep a handle on things, that it appears you can’t handle the nature of business and act in a responsible manner.

CUWT: Well, I’m sure there are some emotions in the workplace. How do you handle it when your employees break down, and start crying?

Marly: It does make people feel uncomfortable when someone starts crying. I mean, I have had a couple situations where I needed to excuse myself because the negative information an executive gave me made me very upset. When my colleagues or employees breakdown, I try to listen to them and understand what the issue is and talk them through it. Communication is a big thing for me, and I think I develop a stronger team because of it.

CUWT: Are there times when showing emotion at the workplace is appropriate?

Marly: Yes and no. It really is a give and take situation. If you are having the occasional bad day and want to talk about it, I don’t think there is any harm in that, but if every day there is a meltdown or some major issue, it ends up affecting productivity.

CUWT: Any other tips for managers or colleagues on how to manage emotions their own emotions or that of their work mates?

Marly: Be an ear, and listen. Some sharing of emotion is ok, because it can build a better, stronger bond with your team or department. I have found that complete repression isn’t healthy, but if you provide some helpful advice on how to get over the situation, that person can use the advice for the future.

CUWT: Thank you for your time Marly.

Marly: Thank you.

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times both agree that expressing strong emotions may not be the best career move. However, since the era of baby boomers is phasing out, and the new generation of social media aware workers are phasing in, more emotions may come into play. Good or bad? It remains to be seen. We think it is best to keep your rants and raves on the down low, but restraining all emotions can be unhealthy.

What do you think? Post your response on our facebook page.



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