Pantyhose. Do I or don’t I? Pantyhose is the question.

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Back in the 1990’s it was standard protocol to wear pantyhose.  It was part of the working woman’s wardrobe essentials and the epitome of professionalism.  You wore them to dress up.  And most importantly you wore them to work.  No exceptions, the weather and your geography didn’t matter.  Contemplating not wearing them wasn’t an option.  Deciding the color was the problem.  During colder months pantyhose was a necessity for extra-added warmth,“magic” insulation.  How about the look?  Your legs were instantly tan and any imperfections were magically hidden!  I’m forgetting something aren’t I?  Yes, I am, the comfort factor and “runs”.  Probably the least comfortable undergarment a woman has to wear due to its snug fit and overall discomfort.  For me, it was almost impossible to get a perfect fit. And let’s not forget the clear bottle of nail polish each of us carried in our purse for those emergency fixes.  But, boy, have times changed.


Let’s fast-forward to present day, springtime of 2012.  Today’s world has a completely different view of pantyhose.  Don’t you agree?  For some the thought about whether or not to wear pantyhose hasn’t even crossed their mind.  It simply doesn’t even exist, nor has it ever.  I’m talking about the generational gap here, the difference between Generation X and Y.  For those of us that are part of Generation X, each of us at some point or another ponders whether or not: “Do I wear the pantyhose?”, “Can I skip the pantyhose?”, “Is bare legs ok?”.  If in-fact you even consider wearing them, right?  I mean depending on your age you may not even think twice about “not” wearing pantyhose, such as Generation Y.  Come on, we have all encountered this, right?  Yes, you have.  I know you have because I have, and so has every woman I know, regardless of age.

And lets not forget Kate Middleton’s latest contribution to fashion: pantyhose. After two straight weeks of pairing knockout designer dresseswith ’80s-style sheer stockings, the Duchess of Cambridge has proven that everything she touches-really everything-turns to style gold. Egg-crate color is out, and clear, almost fairy-dusted iridescence is in. But the song remains the same: she’s got Leggs and she knows how to use them.




I bet your reading this thinking “wow, wait, isn’t pantyhose a mandatory workplace requirement?”  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  The requirement to wear pantyhose may or may not be existent at your place of business.  It’s dependent on the company culture and dress code.  Company culture plays a big role in the world of today.  For example, if you work in a laid back, casual office setting then pantyhose is definite overkill.  However, professional corporate environments can and do have mandatory requirements to wear them as do professional office settings.  However, some do not due to the company culture or the present day trends of letting the woman decide what is appropriate to wear or not to wear.  There is a few tricks’ to getting around wearing them though.  One can opt for thigh highs, knee-highs, or tights.  With that being said, take into consideration your boss, their age and his or her view of what is and isn’t appropriate for workplace attire.


So…do I or don’t I?  Should I wear pantyhose to the interview?  My first day on the job?  My oh my, I’m not sure what to do?  When in doubt, wear the pantyhose.  For a more comfortable fit and feel opt for the thigh highs or knee-highs.  And ladies, let me do point out that you want to be sure that your skirt length is in “check” with the thigh-highs, you don’t want a lacey peep-show.  But, that’s a conversation for another time.  Remember you can always adjust your wardrobe on day 2 after you’ve read the employee manual and have had the chance to see the office culture.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.


What’s your opinion on pantyhose in the workplace?  Is it a must-have essential in your wardrobe?  Please share your comments on Facebook, Twitter and here on Spotlight.


Heather Pranitis, Guest Writer, signing off.  On a side note: Heather prefers thigh highs or knee-highs to traditional pantyhose.  For more buzz on Heather head over to …this & that…


The Cost of Getting The Flu (Infographic)

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With flu season mostly behind us, this infographic assess the financial impact to individuals and the economy that results each year from the common virus. This latest infographic, “The Cost of Getting the Flu,” covers flu expenditures from the individual to the nation. Detailing the costs to an average person getting the flu, the cost to businesses each season, the costs to the US economy, and the potentially detrimental costs in the event of a massive flu pandemic, the graphic calls for more action in flu prevention and shows you what you can do to prepare and get better for less.

From an average annual $35 flu shot for individuals to a staggering $87.1 billion taken out of the US economy each year as a result of flu season, the costs covered by this graphic take the individual’s plight to the national level. “The Cost of Getting the Flu” shows how sick days add up, reducing the workforce and what kinds of financial consequences can result to businesses and the economy, most of which are rarely discussed during flu season.

As we wind down our worries about catching the flu, it’s worthwhile to remember that there are many measures that can be taken to reduce your risk of getting the flu next year, saving your health and money.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and as always, feel free to embed the graphic on your page and spread the knowledge around.

Cost of the Flu Infographic



It’s Time to Get Revenge…on Your Job Situation in the Hamptons


We know you seen it, or at the very least, heard about ABC’s hit new show, “Revenge.” Wealthy millionaires running around, falling in love and getting revenge on their “frenemies” is great for mid-week television entertainment, but for those who live in the Hamptons and still need to make an income, the show Revenge is a far cry from reality.

It’s time for you to take your own revenge in on your job situation and hold it hostage until you find yourself with a position that brings in the income you need. Fortunately, you have Can U Work Tomorrow on your side. We bring an arsenal of jobs directly to you, so you don’t need to beat the streets. Especially with the summer heat coming on, you will be glad you stayed indoors with possibly a Long Island Tea close by.

Settle back and start searching for the perfect job this summer.

Test Prep Instructor – Did you ace the ACT, GRE or other qualifying test in your school years? Give other students a chance to leap ahead in their academics by becoming a test prep instructor.  The Princeton Review is offering a number of select positions for instructors with experience in LSAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, and GMAT tests.

Botanist/Gardening – Have a green thumb? Put it to good use by managing an estate in the Hamptons, or handling the landscape design for a corporation. The Homestead Garden and Design Collaborative have openings, along with a gardening position at RWP Solutions, and a job at Scotts MiracleGro.

Nanny – It’s time to break out the sunblock and the summer games, because working as a nanny can be exciting, entertaining, along with fiscally rewarding.  All along South and East Hampton you can find nanny or sitter positions that required some light housework, and some major child interaction. Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, and Sag Harbor all have a number of sitter and nanny positions open

Retail Management – Do you have a double knack of selling to customers while managing employees? Retail management lets you put all that experience to good use. The Hamptons is brimming over with management opportunities. Simply find one that matches your skills and wait for your initial interview.  Cumberland Farms, Joseph A. Bank, and Sports Authority are all awaiting your application.

School Teacher – Maybe nannying isn’t your thing, but you still love to be around children. The Southampton School District is looking for a few good teachers who know their numbers and letters. Sharpen your teaching skills as you grow young minds in the way of math, social sciences, languages, and earth science.

Enjoy the sun and the shore while you take on your own “Revenge” on your jobless situation. Be proactive; fill out our free profile, clean up your resume, and look into previously unexplored areas. Check back with Can U Work Tomorrow often, as we provide a number of resources for you to get back into the work world.  You never know what you might find!

The Hottest Summer Jobs for 2012

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You don’t even need to look at headlines anymore to know that times are tough in the economy. Educated people are getting laid off, the housing market is down, and families are cinching in their proverbial belts all over the country. However, there still is hope.

For those looking to ease back into the work place with a less-stressful experience, a seasonal summer job may be just the ticket. Specifically designed for a single season, summer jobs allow employees to test the waters in certain companies or industries, getting a feel for possible long-term employment. If full or long-term employment isn’t an option for you, a summer job may be just the thing to earn some extra spending money or vacation budget.j

Check out the list for the top 2012 summer job ideas:

                                 Teaching Jobs

School may be out for most kids during the summer, but many children need remedial schooling to catch up on missed school work, failing grades, or to get a jump on next year’s academics. Summer school is great option for those who have an educational background, but haven’t been able to teach in recent years. Investigate these options to dust off your teaching skills:

Sub Math Teacher: 2012 is all about mathematics. Openings in school districts all over the country have been popping up for all levels of math instruction. From elementary to high school, a summer position teaching remedial math might bring you the numbers you need to round off that vacation fund.

Tutoring: Summer isn’t all fun and games, but you definitely can incorporate some into tutoring lessons. Working as a tutor for the summer will allow you to beef up your resume while gaining valuable experience as a teacher. Check out, or to check out open positions in your area.



                                                    Hot Summer Retail Jobs

So maybe working with kids isn’t your thing. Summer time is the best time to get a hold of extra cash by working in the retail industry. Any store won’t do, you need to go where the companies are hiring. We’ve got the inside scoop on which places to target:

Victoria’s Secret – Always on the prowl for salespeople who know their stuff and understand a woman’s body, Vicky’s locations need extra help during the summer months when bikini season rolls around.

Pac Sun – Sunglasses and surfboards, need we say more? As people gear up for the beach, they want to look the part too. Your local Pac Sun store may be on the lookout for customer service associate that select the perfect pair of shades for any customer.

Hollister – Not just Hollister, but any beach and sun-themed store will be clamoring for help this summer. Abercrombie, American Eagle, even Old Navy are great options for a seasonal summer job.

Barista – Do you want to make that a Venti? How about pouring some shots? While a barista or bartending job may not be a career, for those who have even a little bit of past experience might find themselves with a number of options. Go where the party is. An outdoor bar or breezy coffee shop allows you to enjoy the summer while interacting with fun-loving customers.



Work-on-My-Tan Jobs  

Looking for a job where you can experience the outdoors in all its glory? There are a number of options you can pick from this summer, which will let your work on your tan while picking up that extra dough. They include:

Camp Counselor – Apply early, because spots fill up quickly. Practice your rowing skills, archery, or craft skills with kids out in the sun.

Outdoor Water Parks – You may be able to snag a shift leader or even assistant manager position in a department for a local water park. Check out or another local park to see what jobs are available.

Country Club Assistant – Do you enjoy the rolling expanse of the golf green? Local country clubs all over the U.S. desperately seek out service and management personal to help them with their busiest season. From catering to office management, there is often several opening that your country club may need to fill this season.


Make a list of your experiences, fill out the job profile on Can U Work Tomorrow and start hunting for your summer job. Just because there is a recession doesn’t mean you can’t find work, you just need to know where to look. We can help.