Canuworktomorrow: How It All Started

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It all started with an idea. And a few important “key” components. A grande skim latte. A car ride. A conversation. And her hubby. As Cindy savored the latte she discussed a business dilemma with Joseph. Little did she know, she helped solve his problem and a new idea began to brew.

Cindy’s husband was looking for a way to grow his lighting business. He wanted to branch out and grow in other states but, with little to no additional overhead. And let’s not forget the painful process of interviewing, training, and hiring new employees. When you are looking to grow a business you don’t want to be “bogged” down with the idiosyncrasies that are involved in the growing pains. As Cindy listened to her husband’s excitement and his concerns of the possibilities that lie ahead she thought “what” can I do to make this situation easier, go smoother, and successful? As she sipped her latte she thought “who do I know in that state, that town, that area of business…”?

Cindy took another sip of her latte and called her friend. Low and behold, her friend, Katy had the expertise needed, the ambition required, and the confidence to succeed. The confidence came rather easy due to Katy’s prior work history and college education. In essence, she had all the skills that Joseph needed. Obviously a little more “discussion” went into the assignment or expectation of the position. And “wa-la”…the end result: Joseph gained a new client and was able to step into the lighting market of a new state.

The excitement about this “idea” is that the position allowed Katy flexibility and versatility to maintain her own life all while utilizing her existing talent and job skills to complete the task. The idea of “Can U Work Tomorrow?” began to percolate. An online social job board was in the works. In comes her friend Karen, a partnership is born, and over the course of a year, and many lattes they fine-tuned the business plan.

The core values of the business reflect how Cindy and Karen live their lives, raise their families, and those they instill in their children. Flexibility and versatility are the key components. Each member of Can U Work Tomorrow needs to have a minimum one year of college and be available to work tomorrow. A crucial factor to the success of the concept is that the members are able to multi-task. The members are moms, college students, or working professionals in transition. Does this sound like you?  If yes, read on and found out “how” to sign-up.

This online job board is unique in that it reflects you the member and highlights your attributes as you see fit. It is not a temp agency and requires no resumes. It is always free to work. The profiles allow members and employers to connect one-on-one in a social, casual yet professional atmosphere. Can U Work Tomorrow or you cannot, it’s your decision entirely. The flexibility is all yours. And the versatility of the position is there for you to choose.

It’s amazing the inspiration one can get from a grande skim latte, a conversation, and a car ride. Each and every time Cindy has her “special” drink she thinks the opportunities are endless and Can U Work Tomorrow? Check out and see what it’s all about and don’t forget your latte of choice. Good Luck, and let us know about that fabulous task or project you connect to from the Can U Work Tomorrow job board. We would love to hear back. And don’t forget to share your “special” drink to. Cheers.

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