Women Make Money – The Proof Is In The Numbers


June 1, 2011  Daily Worth

Why “Female Skills” Are Worth More

Women make money. Even better, women make companies make money, according to the Senate Joint Economic Committee’s 2010 report, “Invest in Women, Invest in America.”

Companies with the most women on their boards post 66% higher returns on invested capital, and 42% higher returns on sales than companies with the fewest women represented.
Fortune 500 companies that promote women to senior roles consistently outperform their competitors.

In fact, the report concludes, female leadership is crucial to America’s economic growth.

With numbers like those, you would think every CEO in America would be scrambling to attract and retain—i.e. pay and promote—female employees.

But no. The needle hasn’t moved on the “women earn 80 cents to a man’s dollar” thing. And we’ll skip the statistics about the lack of women in the C-suites.

So what’s a girl to do now?

The answer, as Sheryl Sandberg pointed out in her game-changing TED speech, lies with you (and us).

According to the Senate report, which cites a study of 800 companies, there are reasons whycompanies with women in powerful positions succeed:

Women are active role models
Women set achievable expectations
Women reward accomplishments
Women encourage others to contribute

Translation: What looks like “nice” behavior—cooperation, team-building, mentoring—is actually powerful and profitable.

Maybe it’s time for a new definition of leadership.

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An All-In-One Membership To Top City Gyms (now, why I didn’t think of that)


June 1, 2011

Featured in PowWow


An all-in-one membership to top city gyms

While there’s no shortage of NYC fitness studios, finding one you’re willing to commit to can be tough. After all, what if you want to try a 45-minute jump-roping session and a steamy, 105-degree yoga routine?

Now you don’t have to choose, thanks to FiTist.

Think of this just-launched website as your all-access pass to exercise classes across the city, specifically curated for different fitness goals.

Once you sign up, you’ll choose a plan which gets you a package of monthly classes at various city studios, including big-name places like Flywheel, Virayoga and Core Pilates–all bookable via the FiTist website.

Go with the “Slim” membership ($500 a month), for instance, and you’re registered to take six cycling, four Pilates, four boot camp and four yoga workouts. Pick the “Rookie” ($150), on the other hand, and you’re only committed to six monthly sessions, selected with your newbie status in mind. You can also opt for unlimited classes ($760 a month; plus our total admiration).

Have a sudden opening in your schedule? Check out the “Last Minute” section for serious discounts on top classes, all of which are posted the night before they take place.