Seasonal Jobs With Perks


I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent the last 30+ years summering in Amagansett, on the Eastern tip of Long Island. And without fail, I could always count on my father’s favorite two topics of conversation: Did you hit much traffic? and Did you see what store opened or closed over the winter in East Hampton and Amagansett?

Well, it’s that time of the year again and as spring and summer  approach us, my attention is once again drawn to all of the changes to businesses along Route 27.  I think it’s safe to say business isn’t what it used to be.  The Hamptons goes through economic cycles like any other city, town, or summer resort. And right now, business out East seems to following the seasonal trend rather than a yearly one as it had the opportunity to experience for the last several years. Meaning, for the next 3-4 months, they need to earn lots of dough in order to survive the long winter ahead.

I speak of the Hamptons because of my personal experience but seasonal jobs are bursting in all the beach,  country,  and mountain resorts.

I think for most of us readers, its fair to say we all love to shop, but now it’s time to shop for your summer seasonal jobs. The advantage of planning ahead is not only choosing which industry and summer resort but also take advantage of some of the perks. Many retailers (not just national either) make it easy for their employees to relocate temporarily by offering housing. Restaurants are notorious for feeding their employees whereas retails stores will definitely offer employee discounts and might even dress you in their own labels. And of course, the camaraderie among summer employees is priceless, and just think, of all the networking opportunities that await you.  But seasonal benefits don’t end there – every new experience opens new doors that one might not have known existed. There are many outdoor positions with the parks and recreation departments, camps, and country clubs as well.

Most importantly, is the cash factor. We all need it. And because summer is short and businesses count on the valuable months for their survival, there’s lots of cash to be made.

We have put together a list from of the best of the summer jobs, tasks, and perks to boot.


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